Human Life-Table Database


The Max Planck team wishes to thank all their researchers for valuable comments as well as the staff for assistance provided during recent years. We would like to thank Jim Vaupel for his guidance and encouragement, Dirk Vieregg and Peter Wilhelm for computer assistance and our visitors for their expert assessment of our work. Thanks are also due to our library team, who helped us in tracing and ordering publications, and our student assistants Yvonne Hansen, Kathrin Hanisch and Georg Heilmann who put the original tables into electronic format.

We are especially grateful to Väinö Kannisto (†), who collected numerous life tables and initiated the construction of this database. Our gratitude extends to Petra Vojtechovska from Poland who provided all Polish life tables, Alexander Hanika from the Austrian Statistical Office for the Austrian life tables, Francisco J. Goerlich Gisbert from the University of Valencia for the Spanish life tables and statistical offices world-wide, which made available national tables and made it possible to construct this database.

The Berkeley team wishes to thank the faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Demography for their moral support and direct assistance with this project over the years. May we say thank you also to the staff of the Institute for International Studies for their excellent administrative support. Last, but not least, we are indebted to Felicitie Bell from the Office of the Chief Actuary, U.S. Social Security Administration, who provided the U.S. data.

The INEDís team would like to thank Ernestine Ngondji and Mokhtaria Tazi who computerized the data, Benjamin Vallin who organised the INED database, and Zakia Belogbi who gathered hard-copies of original life tables, and finally the INED library and its staff for giving us access to all parts of its very rich collections.


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